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Over 30 Years of Experience

  • Over 3000 Roofing Project Completed
  • All Types of Roofs Including Foam/Membrane Systems / Built-Up / Any Flat Roof
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • BBB A+ Accredited Business

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Diamond Seal coatings stop leaks and prevents moisture absorption on all surfaces. elastomeric coatings are good for flat roof repairs, metal roofs and wallsDiamond Seal roof coating has the unique ability to seal your roof from the heat of the sun.

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Our products protect your roof against UV, chemical damage. Our coatings are not affected by high winds or rain.  Roof coatings are good on flat roof repairs and other roofs like metal roofs and the like.

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coatingDiamond Seal roof coating has the unique ability to seal your roof from the heat of the sun. With Diamond Seal roof coatings, over 85% of the heat rays are deflected from the roof’s surface! Compare this with an untreated dark roof that actually absorbs 85% of the heat putting a strain on your air conditioning and wallet.Learn about elastomeric roof coating, ceramic paint and insulating paint

This tough and durable fluid-applied, ceramic insulation roof coating system solves leaking problems while reducing interior building temperatures. It goes on to any flat surface. Our roof coatings work great on foam, concrete,  metal and built-up flat roofs.

Diamond Seal roof coatings were developed and tested in the unyielding and severe environment of Arizona’s desert, where untreated roofs reach temperatures over 160 degrees. This is here where Diamond Seal, the revolutionary roof coating, was tested and perfected.Ceramic paint and roof coating

Diamond Seal Roof Systems BBB Business Review